About Us


The Principal of Shropshire Languages Society became the Primary Languages Hub in Shropshire in the summer of 2014 in conjunction with the Association for Language Learning (ALL). Primary Languages Hubs provide much needed local support and resources for the teaching and learning of Primary Languages. Primary Languages Hubs play a leading role in the sharing of good practice and knowledge among non-subject specialist primary teachers and languages specialists and coordinators. The hub also works with the local Teaching School Alliances. We believe that by working together we can give language learning in the primary sector the best possible future. ┬áThe Hub is based at Shropshire’s language provider, Shropshire Languages Society which enables a range of resources and opportunities to be shared. We thought that this website was needed to give you an overview of our work and the developments in primary language learning.

The Hub operates in several formats:

Languages are now a compulsory part of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum. Therefore students in Years 3-6 will be taking a foreign language (modern or classical) starting in September 2014.



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